The Blitz Elite Team

WE are the Motivators, Encouragers, Cheerleaders, etc pushing others to seize the moment…

For such a time as this, someone has to take the lead and be courageous and confident enough to follow dreams! WE are the Motivators, Encouragers, Cheerleaders, etc pushing others to seize the moment that will in turn propel them (dreamers) into greatness! That’s who we are. That’s our gift to mankind, and that’s what we do… On purpose!


Robert McCarthur (Mac)
Chief Managing Partner &
Executive Marketing Director

Robert McCarthur - Blitz Elite Marketing

As a visionary leader, Robert has strategic experience in marketing, high impact sales, business development, information technology and logistics. His dynamic ability to produce major brand concepts, as well as develop promotions and creative design campaigns on a local and national level has made him recognized as a mogul among peers. He is full of charisma and has a proven ability to motivate people. He coaches and leads others to pursue success, along with recognizing key strengths in people and products.

Charles Patrick
Managing Partner &
Executive Virtual Media Director

Charles Patrick - Blitz Elite Marketing

Charles is a decorated military vet, internet talk show host, and professional social media figure that is sometimes known for his controversial opinions and views, but has been able to garner more than a million followers and shares in his community movements on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. He has been very successful as a brand developer, a network marketing entrepreneur, and national activist for economic change.

CB Frazier
Managing Partner &
Executive Operations & Sales Director

CB Frazier - Blitz Elite Marketing

Whether by personal venture or network marketing, CB has proven to be a multi-faceted and gifted leader in business management and ownership. He is savvy in relationship building, team building and sales force expansion, with an overwhelming ability to encourage as well as inspire people to successfully meet and surpass goals.

Jayprakash Rathod (Jay)
Managing Partner &
Executive Technology Director

Jay Rathod - Blitz Elite Marketing

Jay brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the Blitz Elite Team. He is one of the worlds leading professionals in HTML, PHP, TYPO3 , Neos and other Coding languages and database architectures. He is a key asset in establishing direction for the development of major revolutionary technology products we brand.

Jimit Shah (Jim)
Managing Partner &
Associate Technology Director

Jim is bright and talented with a wealth of technical experience. He is also a leading professional in HTML, PHP, TYPO3, Neos, as well as other coding languages and database architectures. He is a major influence and key developer of Blitz Elite’s revolutionary technology products.


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